How Entertainment Influences Fashion

By Margaret.

If you watch television or movies it’s pretty likely at some point you’ve seen someone wearing something and said, “I wish I had that dress,” out those shoes, or that hat. When in fact, fashion is highly influenced by media and entertainment. That means that a lot of the fashion you find in the store is at least loosely based on some of the stuff you’ve seen on TV.



Not only that, but many media moguls start their own clothing lines, which you can find in stores from Target to Walmart, and from Macy’s to Sears. While they may not be stitching all that material themselves, just having their names on those clothes may be reason enough for you to buy them.


Music In Clothing And Fashion


From concert t shirts to wearing the same kicks as your favorite rap stars, music influences fashion in many ways. Back in the 90s when glam rock was fashionable you saw more men with long hair, glitter and black eyeliner, and you saw more people wearing ripped jeans and ripped t shirts.


Not only do people buy the fashions that their favorite musicians wear, but they also buy fashion to wear that supports their favorite bands and musicians. Concert and band t shirts are great for people hat like that jeans and t shirt look.


Buying What Your Favorite Movie And TV Stars Wear


Although Gossip Girls is no longer on the air, when they were you could go online each week and find the clothing worn by your favorite characters and buy them. There are probably other shows that do this still. You may also simply be inspired to look for clothing that is similar to what your favorite stars wear.


Hopping online at eBay or even Amazon and doing some searching for celebrity clothing you may be able to find some actual wardrobe pieces from your favorite actors and actresses, and even the characters they have played.


How Cartoons And Superheroes Influence Clothing


Children were once about the only ones that could find a ton of clothing covered in their favorite cartoon stars and superheroes. These days, though, you can find them on all sorts of adult clothing, not just t shirts.


Women can fill their pajama and lingerie drawers with superhero garb of all kinds. Guys can wear t shirts that make them feel like the Punisher, or buy boxers and lounge pants that express their love for cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy.6


Buy buying clothing from your favorite stars or clothing yourself in your favorite superhero garb, you are not just looking fashionable, but you are also giving money to the shows and stars you love. Why not support the movies and shows you love by being a walking billboard!?

Jun 07, 2016