Using Money Management Techniques In the Social Media World

By Margaret.

A new facet of money management that’s particularly interesting when seen through the perspective of a modern business is the idea of working with cash flow in the social media world. Certainly there’s social value in interaction in the major platforms, but how does that intersect with cold, hard cash?


To answer that question, look into things like Facebook presence, how well Twitter feeds are used, how to use Google’s AdSense program, how buying and selling digitally work, and where the lines blur between promotions and conversation in online formats.

Facebook Presence

If you present your business via Facebook, typically by having a business page or even a group for your brand set up, you can potentially see major financial results right away. There are some people who only spend their time on social media profiles, so without that thread to your business, they wouldn’t ever find you otherwise. Even if you have a basic page, that will be enough information for people to be able to find you by name, and then message you if they want.

The Twitter Feed

Many businesses use their Twitter feed to a great effect as well. Consider a major company like how Coca Cola works their Tweets. On message, conversations, real-time – they take into account all of the variables in the equation, and decide how to convert that into brand trust, which is definitely as valuable as cash in the long run. Big companies spend big money on being smart in the social media world, and it’s a good idea to take notes from their techniques.

Understanding Google AdSense

The social media world is a window into the Google AdSense program as well. If you learn how to work your website links into the way that you present yourself through the major social media platforms, you’ll find that your advertising numbers will go up much more consistently than if you just relied on search engines.

Buying and Selling Digitally

You can have links straight from social media posts to actual purchases as well. By using PayPal or other direct digital payment methods, you can create a way for people to interact with your social media profiles by seeing something that you say or offer, and buying it immediately in as close to a one-click process as possible.

Blurring the Lines With Promotions and Conversation

In the social media universe, especially when it comes to businesses and brands, there’s a very thin line between promotions and conversations. Use this to your advantage! Talk to people about current events or what they care about, but then spin what you’re selling into the mix and watch your financial gains spike accordingly.

Jul 29, 2016